The History of the Future. From Early Settlements in the Solar System to an Interstellar Civilization.

Galactic Developments is a history book of the future, a realistic timeline.

The interplanetary civilization develops. With inventions and discoveries, politics and intrigues. Interplanetary powers come and go...

Then the stars. Initially, FTL space ships are slower than light speed Bold missions explore the unknown fringes.

Later, humanity is drawn into the dramatic development of its interstellar neighborhood and must learn the hard way, that stability is not a given.

English Translation

Until recently all content was in german language. The plan is to translate everything to english, all the hundreds of timeline entries, all in all about 1.3 MB of text.

It's a long way. I need all the help I can get. This is the original [german] site.

Translations done so far: Vegas (2359), Gee (2725), Quantum Continuum (3365), Tree of Life (2091), Octopus Sapiens (2208), SCALE (2135), Mukhagni Incident (2540), Interia (2648), First Visit (2544), Wise Dragon (3296), Doomsday Cocktail (2061), Delivery Bot (2071), Coding-Kit (2081),